Portfolio Requirements

  1. Submit a minimum of two examples of work in art forms of your choice. They can be from creative writing, visual art, fashion, dance, theatre, music and/or film.
  2. Video Intro: Tell us about who you are as an artist. Submit a short (2-5 minutes) video that lets us know what experience you have with different art forms, classes you have taken, or groups that you have been a part of, any awards that you have won, or projects that you are particularly proud of. Feel free to tell us about any art forms that you are interested in knowing more about.

Helpful tips for a successful portfolio:

  • Images of pieces must be lit adequately and evenly.
  • Images of pieces must be photographed “straight on.”
  • Drawings must be flat and clean, and the page must fill the whole screen (no torn edges)
  • Images must be clear and in focus.
  • Suggested format: in a Word document, PowerPoint, or similar format, including one image per page with the information beneath each image.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.